Make Yourself Financially Responsible: Building Your Credit Score

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The world is made of numbers and figures, and some of them have a direct influence on a person’s life. Take the credit score, for example. You may not be aware of it, but it usually has a direct say on your financial future.

For instance, you might have applied for a housing loan. You are quite confident that you’ll get approval, as you have secured all the necessary documents. But keep in mind that these things are not enough to get loan approval. The lending company will still look at your credit rating. And if your score is in the red, they will definitely not approve your application.

So what is a credit score anyway? Basically, it is a number that tells a lot about how financially responsible you are. Low credit scores may mean that you have a lot of financial obligations that you have not settled, while high credit scores mean that you are creditworthy.

If you are new to this concept, there are some ways you can build a good credit score:

Pay your debts on time

Paying debts is a responsibility that you need to fulfill, especially if you want to have a good and clean record. But if you want to have a good credit score, you should not miss any payment. You have to pay on time. In case you miss payments, you can always catch up. You just have to make sure that it will not exceed thirty days. Missed payments that are dealt with immediately often do not count as a violation.

Control your debts

Now that you are paying your debts responsibly, the next move would be to keep them to a minimum. Do not get large debts unless otherwise necessary—meaning reserve this for big and important purchases such as a real estate property. A large balance from a given credit limit will give the impression that you are actually controlling and keeping your debts low.

Mind your credit card spending

Credit cards have made life much more convenient when it comes to spending. But if you want to keep your debts low, you have to manage how you use your credit card. As much as possible, always pay with cash. Reserve your credit card for more important expenses. More importantly, live within your means.

Ask for a higher credit limit

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As mentioned, a large balance from a given credit limit is a sign that you manage your debts well. In cases where you can’t pay off your total debt right away, you can talk to your bank and have them increase your credit limit. That way, your credit utilization will look manageable.

Credit scores may just be figures, but they can actually affect your life in many different ways. Having a good credit score will definitely open a lot of great financial opportunities for you. You will able to secure good terms for housing and business loans. But if you want to have a good credit score, you have to work for it.

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