What You Need to Know about Bail Bond Legal Contracts

The video “How Do You Get Out Of A Bail Bond Contract” by Didn’t Do It Bail Bonds helps us understand the basics of Arizona bail bonds. It is helpful for those who want to understand bail bonds, how they work, the Indemnitor’s role, and what happens if the person on bail does not appear at their required hearings.

Being arrested may result in providing bail to get out of jail. Bail is cash deposited with the court that encourages the arrestee to appear at required court hearings—failing to appear results in forfeiting your bail.

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Arrestees who do not have the bail amount can sign a contract with a bail bond company to pay the bail. Bail bond companies require a 10% fee and collateral from the arrestee or their Indemnitor. If the arrestee skips bail, the bond company forfeits the cash they put up.

Collateral is property, vehicles, or other assets the bail bond company receives if the arrestee does not appear. Arrestees who lack assets can have someone else, called an Indeminotr, use their assets to guarantee the arrestee’s appearance. If you cannot make your bail bond payment, you should try renegotiating it with the bail bond company. They may modify the payment schedule but seldom cancel the bail bond.


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